Skoki Basecamping
A four day trip into skoki, staying at and daytripping from Hidden Lake.

days 1 and 2 this page, days 3 and 4 on page 2.

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We got a casual start out in the morning, and found ourselves starting down the fire road early afternoon.
This 3.8km start is by far the most boring part of the trip, as you walk a road covered in horse crap, and the occasional dust blur of a truck going by.
There has been a shuttle bus system proposed for this road, to cut down on the number of parties going through for the sake of the grizzlies.
I'm not sure I want another fee, but it would sure be nice to cut off a boring forty-some minutes.

Laurier starts up the fire road.

My view for most of the way in.

Looking back to Mount Temple and Little Temple, across the bow valley.

Reaching the end of the fire road and the larch/ptarmigan ski areas, the trail proper begins.
Hidden Lake is only just barely into skoki at all, but the views have started to open up, and the surrounding mountains are pretty impressive.
We set up camp and spent the evening in the halfway hut. This campsite is great in bad weather for having a day-use cabin.

Peter and Laurier start onto the real trail.

Pika and Ptarmigan Peak ahead.

A small piece of larch tree already starting to golden.

Approaching the day-use hut.

Hidden Lake Halfway Hut.

Fun with glowsticks.

More fun with glowsticks.

Day two we got up and moving leisurely in the morning. Thankfully the rain had stopped over the night and we woke upi to dry skies.
Today's plan was to circle Baker Lake, and add on side trips as time and the weather allowed.
From the Hidden Lake campground, we first hike up 1.2km to Boulder Pass, then along the north shore of Ptarmigan Lake.
Shortly after passing the lake, the trail over Deceptions Pass to the Skoki Lakes turns off to our north. We continue east.

Laurier and Peter start up the trail.

Peter checks out the view under Mount Redoubt.

Peter and Laurier hiking up to Boulder Pass.

The trail winds under Mount Redoubt just below the pass.

Mount Richardson, back near the lake.

You ever get the feeling the mountain just isn't on your side...?

View back along the trail to Richardson Ridge and the Bow Valley.

Ptarmigan Lake and view east.
Packer's and Deception Pass, Fossil Mountain, Mount Douglas, Mount St. Bride, Lychnis Mountain, Brachiopod Mountain, Heather Ridge, and Redoubt Mountain.

Laurier and Peter walk the north shore of the lake.

View back to Ptarmigan Peak.

Redoubt Mountain above Ptarmigan Lake.

View down to Baker Lake.

The trail rises along the south side of Deception Pass, then descends to Baker Lake after the turnoff to the pass.
We circled Baker Lake, passing the campground on its north shore, and took our lunch break near the outflow on the east side.

Peter reaches Baker Lake.

Trail along Baker Lake.

South across Baker Lake to Brachiopod Mountain and Heather Ridge.

Outflow pools of Baker Lake.

Baker Lake terraces with Ptarmigan Peak in the distance.

Small waterfall below Baker Lake.

Beginning of Baker Creek.

Cool rock between the waterfalls.

Closer shot of rocks.

Larger waterfall on Baker Creek.

Banded rocks below the waterfall.

We had a bit of trouble finding the trail again southeast of the lake, but followed the shoreline and relocated it, choosing to skip the trio of little lakes.

Baker Lake and Fossil Mountain.

Baker Lake and Ptarmigan Peak.

View across Baker Lake towards Deception Pass.

Laurier and Peter walk below Brachiopod Mountain.

Baker Lake on the return.

Pano from the southwest shore of Baker Lake.

At the southwest corner of Baker Lake, we chose to stay on the south end of the valley, and traverse to Ptarmigan Lake, rather than retracing out steps.
This was troublesome for a bit, as what is marked on the map as simply 'above treeline', turned out to be more marsh in places than rock.
Once we made it across the marsh between the lakes, we caught a semitrail along the north fave of Heather Ridge.
Nearing Ptarmigan Lake once more, we decided there was just enough daylight for a sidetrip to Redoubt Lake.

Slough between the Lakes.

Laurier selecting skipping rocks.

Packer's and Deception Passes.

View south to plateau east of Heather Ridge.

Redoubt Lake and Mountain.

Laurier and Peter cross the Redoubt Lake outflow.

We circled the lake, based on the 'route' marked on my GemTrek map.
For any attempters of this, be aware that while a nice trail follows the east lakeshore, the west side is a steep slope below Mount Redoubt, with no semblance of path.
From the south end of the lake, the view out along open plateau land is incredible. I'd love to come spend a day just wandering out from here.

Rock formations reflected in a tarn beyond Redoubt Lake.

View SSE down the Redoubt Creek Valley.

Alpine forget-me-not.

white flower!

West shore of Redoubt Lake.

Goat brush on a Larch Tree.

Rock levels below Redoubt Mountain.

More colours in the hillside.

Peter crests the hill above Redoubt Lake.

Peter and Laurier head back towards Ptarmigan Lake.

Surviving the the slope traverse, we found ourselves above Ptarmigan Lake.
There is supposed to be a decent trail from the north end of Redoubt Lake contouring to the west end of Ptarmigan, but we never found it. The terrain along this north end of Redoubt Mountain is a wild jumble of torn rock, with crevasses and talus layering down the 100m to the lake.
Some of the rock splitting was incredibly awesome.

Ptarmigan Lake from the shoulder of Redoubt.

Peter walks along the crevassed edge.

Peter and Laurier check out the fractures.

Laurier cracks open the rocks.

Laurier widening the cravasses.

West edge of Ptarmigan Lake.

Fossil tracks in a rock near the lake.

Laurier climbs up after Peter.

Laurier climbing up.

Laurier reaches the top of the rock.

Poorly done pano of reflection in Ptarmigan Lake

We made it back to our campsite as the light diminished, and spent another dinner in the halfway hut as it again rained.

See Page 2 for the next day's attempt at Mount Richardson, and the fourth day return trip.

Photos taken by Rachel.

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