Heart Mountain
The three peak Heart Mountain Horseshoe in the Bow Valley.

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The trail climbs straight up from the highway to the summit of Heart Mountain, then back to Grant MacEwan Peak.
The trail then continues to a third summit, before descending, and joining the Trans-Canada Trail to return to the trailhead.

The first 2km of the trail cover almost all the elevation gain, as the path takes you up trail and bare rock to the first summit.
The only true 'scramble' part of the trip is also found here, about halfway up, in which you must climb a short, unexposed piece of rock to continue along the trail.

Danielle looking up the mountain from trailhead.

Danielle partway up the scramble.

Peter, Fardad, and Danielle ascending.

Peter and Jenn reach the first summit.

We reached the first summit, now officially named 'Heart Mountain' in about two hours, and stopped for lunch.
Beyond the first summit begins the ridgewalk to two more points.
The first, SE of Heart Mountain, used to be known as the true summit of Heart Mountain, but has recently been named 'Grant MacEwam Peak'.
We stopped here for a group photo and to sign the register.

Trail ahead to the second summit.

Danielle and Fardad take an after-lunch nap.

Danielle and the Bow Valley.

Guess who came begging for lunch?

Peter has been co-erced into the bandana club.

Fardad too has joined.

Fardad and Danielle look up towards the second summit.

Danielle walks along the ridge.

Group photo on Grant MacEwan Peak.

Trail down to the third summit.

The last part of the ridgewalk takes you to the eastern peak, then down loose rock and grassy hillside, north to the highway.

Peter demonstrates his incredible strength by uprooting a tree.

Danielle descends to the low point between peaks.

Danielle, Fardad, and Peter coming down the trail.

Fardad, Peter, Danielle, and Jenn switchback up to the third summit.

View down the valley from the third summit.

Fardad, Peter, and Jenn descend loose rock near the top.

Fardad and Danielle make it back to treeline.

Piglet checks out some colourful foliage.

Piglet gets a good view for the way down.

When you return to highway level, you join the Quaite Creek trail, and hike 1.7km SW on flat, easy trail, back to the starting point below Heart Mountain.

Peter, Fardad, and Jenn hop deadfall on the valley trail.

Danielle finds an easier way around.

Photos taken by Rachel.

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