Jumpingpound Loop
A 9km biking loop in spring conditions

Distance - 9km Elevation gain - 300m
1hour round trip

The Jumpingpound Loop is a combination of two trails in the Sibbald Area.
The uppper trail is a tight singletrack, with short but steep technical ascents to views and descents to creeks.
The lower trail is a broader track, with small rolls and fun curves.
The combination makes for a great bike ride.

Map of the loop.

Jeff ready to go.

Up a hill on the upper trail.

Another steeening ascent.

Laurier starts onto the lower trail.

Jeff on the wider lower trail.

Jeff goes for a wee jump.

Jeff on the wid lower trail.

Due to the late winter this year, July 1st in the Sibbald was still Spring, and there were a lot of beautiful flowers along the trail.

Tall Lungwort (mertansia paniculata).

Low Larskpur (delphinium bicolour).

Western Wood Lily (lilium philadelphicum).

Golden Alexander (zizia aptera).

Photos taken by Rachel

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