Junction Creek
A gorgeous creek of pools and falls south of the sheep river.

Laurier and I went out for a few days at an unofficial campsite on a tributary of the creek.

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Junction Creek meets the Sheep River at the end of the highway, and heads due south, with the trail wavering along the west bank.
We followed the sheep trail from Indian Oils campground to meet with Junction Creek 4km along.

Deciding the sheep river was too intimidating to wade, we started at Indian Oils trailhead.
This is a neat day-use area in itself, with a falls under the bridge and neat river carving.
On the south side of the river, we then walk four kilometres to meet with junction creek.

The bridge at Indian Oils crossing.

Falls on the Sheep River.

Looking down the Sheep River.

Laurier walks the trail parallel to the Sheep River.

We waded Junction Creek, and sat in the sun for a few to warm our feet before continuing down along the creek.
The trail follows the west bank of the creek, and while unofficial, is pretty easy to follow.
The occasional trapping is that of multiple paths, but all should lead in the right direction.
The path we took moved between following the level of the creek, and traversing above it, giving great views of the rock structure.
The first part of the creek, near its join with the sheep river is pretty average, but as you go upstream it gets progressively cooler.
The stream cuts through the underlying rock at an angle that creates all sorts of cascades along the way.

Crossing Junction Creek.

Junction Creek flows into the Sheep River.

Laurier on trail along Junction Creek.

The old sawmill site.

Looking up to rock formations to the east.

A small cascade on Junction Creek.

Series of shelves of Junction Creek.

Another cascade on the creek.

I got confused and mistook the Junction Lake tributary for the main creek, and took us an extra 2km or so in the wrong direction.
Eventually the trail completely dissolved, and we realized my mistake. Once we made it back on the correct trail, we made it to the campground quickly.

Falls as the tributary joins Junction Creek.

Looking down the falls.

Series of waterfalls beside our campsite.

Closer shot of one falls and pool along the line.

Colours of the plunge pool.

The unofficial campsite is situated along the first 500m or so of a tributary to Junction Creek.
This tributary is an awesome series of waterfalls and pools.
There are a few small ones just up from the creek, and a very cool multi-tiered fall about a kilometre up.

Another pair of waterfalls just upstream of our campsite.

A series of three small falls.

Upper falls and pool beside campsite.

Lower cascade.

Looking down the small plunge.

Laurier climbs up beside the small waterfall.

Rachel follows above the pool.

Laurier kindly provides a bridge to cross the creek.

Another cascade upstream.

Looking up along the tributary.

Laurier traverses a wet slope.

Moss growing all down the side of a rock wall on the north side of tributary creek.

Laurier attempts to climb to the overhang.

Laurier trying to get higher.

...no luck.

Giving up on the roof, Laurier checks out the cave instead.

Laurier looking up at the three-tiered waterfall.
Also, see without people.

The upper 2.5 drops.

The waterfall is large and well flowing, with a series of plunge pools, yet calm enough that one can stand in the flow.
We continued up the trail, and were able to step in the creek at the point of each of the pools.
The top tier is actually a double, with part of the creek flowing over the rock, and part of it sinking underground to shoot out a little lower and join the fall.
On the creek above the falls, it is possible to actually stand in the flow as it goes over the edge. Very cool.
We continued up the creek a little further, then headed back for lunch.

Uppermost drop and its double source.

Plunge pool of the upper tier.

Plunge pool of the lowest tier.

The double flow of the upper tier.

View from the creek as it falls.

Uppermost tier from above.

A slide-like cascade at our furthest point upstream.

Laurier takes the hard way back.

See Page 2 for the afternoon's swimming hole exploration, and third day's trip back.

Photos taken by Rachel.

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