Mount Burke
A great scrambley-hike to the highest lookout ever manned in Canada.

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The very beginning of the trail starts in and through a creekbed, continuing on intermittant trail for a flat 2.4km.
There is a side trail turning off the left, marked with both a rock cairn and arrow and a yellow sign.
The writing was almost invisible when we saw this, so we stopped and remarkered the letters.
While that seems to have lasted well, photos I saw from later in the summer show the sign barely tacked on at all, so watch for the cairn and arrow.
Turning up the side path, the trail ascends a series of switchbacks to quickly rise above treeline, where the good views begin.

Mount Burke from the parking lot.

Salter Creek.

Turnoff for the lookout trail.

Danielle and everyone coming up the creek.

The trail turns off steep.

View out to ugly clearcut scars.

Wes, Nathan, and Laurier reaching the rocky section.

Danielle, Adam, Wes, Nathan, and Laurier rising above treeline.

Pathless hillslope ahead to the rocky sections.

After the brief grassy interlude above treeline, the trail changes to bare rock.
There is a clear trail, but you can choose between it and walking up the ridgeline proper. Devoid of real scrambline, we stuck with the path.

Groups shot with summit in view.

Looking up to the lookout.

Group starting up.


Trail through the rock.

Approaching the summit.

Group around the summit shack.

We had lunch at the top, and checked out the old lookout. It is in the same style as Black Rock, but without the summit register.
The weather remained nice, but the wind at the top chilled us fairly quickly, and we headed back down.

Summit pano.

Pleateau Mountain to the south.

Misty range in the distance.

Danielle checking out the window.

Wes's classic pose.

Summit and cliffs from the descent.

Group reaches the rock bump on the way back.

jacob's ladder (polemonium pulcherrimum).

low larkspur (delphinium bicolor).

blue beardtongue (penstemon albertinus).

low larkspur (delphinium bicolor).

white mountain avens (dryas octopetala).

alpine cinquefoil (potentilla nivea).

yellow draba (draba paysonii).

Rose-root (tolmachevia integrifloria).

silver rockcress (smelowskia calycina).

alpine forget-me-not (myosotis alpestris).

anicia checkerspot butterfly.

euphydryas anicia.

Photos taken by Adam and Rachel.

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