Ribbon Falls Hike
A flat hike on a drizzly day

We did this hike on our way down to Lower Lake Campground in Kananaskis where we then stayed the night.

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The trail follows Ribbon creek along wide open bike trail at first, then a slightly more interesting trail after the memorial turnoff.
It is flat with very negligible elevation gain the whole way, and within a couple hours, you reach Ribbon Falls
- which are neat, despite the boring approach.
The trail was quite damp this spring, so there were a few interesting bits, and the falls were flowing nicely.

Ribbon Creek.

Wide trail along the creek.

A few ways across a sidestream.

Gorana and Jenn try the bigger bridge.

Hiking along the trail.

Group photo where the valley opens up.

Small cascade along the creek.

Looking down into a small gorge.

Crossing a severely flooded section of trail.

Approaching the Ribbon Falls viewpoint.

Ribbon Falls.

Piglet explores mini-ribbon falls.

Falls from the side.

Ribbon Falls and source above.

A smaller falls to the side of Ribbon.

Olympic Summit above from the trail on return.

Wild Strawberry (fragaria virginiana).

Northern Blue Butterfly (lycaeides idas).

Western Canada Violet (viola canadensis).

Rock Jasmine (androsace chamaejasme).

After the hike, we continued down highway forty to Lower Lake Campground, where we got a nice spot by the lake, and set about tarping our camp for the night.
Our preparations proved necessary, as it rained on and off for the evening, while we stayed comfortably under our tarps and near the fire.
The next day, we stopped by Wedge Pond for the afternoon before returning home via Canmore.

Setting up camp -
What looks abnormal in this picture?

In its natural habitat, no less,
a glimpse of the rarely seen tree-dwelling Laurier!

Jenn's exceptional knot-tying on the table tarp.

A most interesting knot.

The Wedge above Wedge Pond.

Coffee for the deprived, on the way through Canmore.


Photos taken by Rachel.

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