Baldy Pass
A short hike to a pass west of Barrier Lake.

Jenn, Wes, Adam and I went out for a short hike, with the potential of an additional high point.

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The 3.7km to Baldy Pass are along an official and well used trail, both by hikers and bikers.
From the pass, we attempted to reach the high point to the south.

We first climbed to the pass, on clear, good trail.

Adam hikes ahead.

Wes and Jenn approach the pass.

View up to high point from pass.

Ridge to Mount Baldy, north of the pass.

West peak of Mount Baldy.

Adam, Rachel, Jenn, and Wes at the pass.

In good weather and good condition, we decided to try for the high point south of the pass.
There was no clear path mugh above the pass, so we just bashed straight through layers of talus and forest.

Rachel and Adam head up the trail.

Adam makes his way through the talus.

Jenn and Wes doing some light bushwhacking.

Jenn and Wes hit a snowpatch.

Unfortunately, just as we reached the open slopes, the weather turned poor, and unable to see to the source, we chose to retreat.
As in other cases, no thunderstorm materialized, but it did rain for a while on our descent.

Adam and Wes on the descent.

High point with weather coming in.

Adam, Jenn, and Wes descend to the pass.

Spring in the mountains!

Wild Strawberry? (fragaria virginiana).

White mountain Aven (dryas octopetala).

Purple Saxifrage (saxifraga oppositifolia).

Lapland Rosebay (rhododendron lapponicum).

Calypso Orchid (calypso bulbosa).

Another Calypso Orchid.

Photos taken by Jenn, Rachel, and Adam.

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