Upper Kananaskis Lake Paddling Overnight
A canoe/kayak overnight to Point Campground on Upper Kananaskis Lake.

Despite the utter lack of paddling experience by most of us, our two canoes and two kayaks had a great trip around the lake.

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Our approximate route in red.

Marta and Marshall came up with the idea for a paddling overnight to prepare for their broken islands trip.
Most of us were not paddlers in any sense, but we figured if we didn't go far, and stuck near the shore,
we wouldnt have too much trouble figuring it out.
Four of us rented double kayaks, and the other six piled into a pair of canoes.
The storage space in a canoe is nice, but they just can't compare in speed.

We set out on Saturday to sunny skies despite an ugly forecast, but it didn't last long.
Before we were more than halfway around the lake, an icy wind set in, blowing directly towards us.
This both slowed our progress drastically, and frothed the water into a series of pretty serious (for a lake) waves
that crashed repeatedly over our boats.

Marta and Marshall are very eager to start going...

Marta and Marshall have figured out where their kayak belongs!

Kevin, Michelle, and Jay canoeing just outside the bay.

Kevin's canoe heads out to sea! ...or lake.

No photos after the weather got bad - my camera would have been soaked from the spray, and if we'd lost a paddler we might have gone backwards.
Luckily, we made it to the campsite, attracted due to another group's bright tarp, and got our tents and tarps set up just in time for the rain to start in.
Once it started, the rain didn't stop, and we had dinner and a small campfire in the pouring rain.
On the upside, we didn't have to seek out any water sources for filtering - the rainwater collected off our tarp was more than enough.

Boats loaded up on the shore in case the dam should close overnight.
The water level was incredibly low, but could raise at any time.

Marshall coming up from the small inlet from which we grounded.
Mount Sarrail around the lake behind him.

A small avalanche comes down the slopes of Mount Lyautey.

We woke up on Sunday morning to the wonderful warmth of the sun. It stayed long enough for a leisurely morning around camp.
Shortly after putting in to go home, the sun disappeared and we were spat and blown at the whole way home.
Far nicer than yesterday, the wind pushed us forward instead of blowing against us, and we made it back still warm.

The tarp-fortified campground of the canoists.

Sky reflects off the small puddles way below the usual water line.

Mount Sarrail.

Mount Indefatigable.

Mount Lyautey.

Mount Putnik down the valley. (I believe..)

One of the canoes returning.

Jay, Erin, and Gabby getting close to the end.

Looking ahead from the kayak.

Line of four teeny cars, loaded and ready to head home.

Jay, Gabby, Erin, Michelle, Marshall, Tracy, Rachel, Laurier, Marta, and Kevin with their boats from the return trip.

Photos taken by Rachel.

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