Fullerton Loop
A short (~5km) loop in the Elbow Valley with a viewpoint of the proper mountains.

I managed a free day out to take some early morning photos of Elbow Falls, and get in a fairly dry hike.

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Route in red.

Fullerton Loop is a short hike in the foothills of the elbow valley.
Most of the trail is in aspen forest, though it breaks out of the trees for a couple viewpoints west.
This trail tends to be snow-free very early in the year, and provided a nice chance to dip out to the mountains for a morning.

I don't think this is normally supposed to be a water channel. :)

High water levels flood the start plain.

Ice along the start of the trail.

The iceflow feeding all this water below.

...no kidding.

Pretty colours in the plants.

More colourful leaves.

First real plants of spring starting to poke out of the ground.

Prior to the minihike, I stopped by Elbow Falls to take some photos without the backlighting troubles that occur later in the day.
I got said photos, but unfortunately the light was not the best, and there was something funky going on in the pool.
It's disturbing to see foam in the waterfall - half of Calgary drinks from this river.
Compare the photos of Elbow Falls in a typical spring with this one, taken during the massive floods of June 2005.

A very unusual look of the elbow falls parking lot - I'm the only one out at 0800.

Empty walkway and viewpoints.

Looking upstream above the falls.

Elbow Falls with a break in the clouds.

Closer view.

The top of the falls.

Falls from the top.

Falls and the strange foam buildup.

What's going on here??

Photos taken by Rachel

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