Exshaw Mountain/Ridge
An early season hike up Exshaw Ridge

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Exshaw mountain is a low hill above the town of Exshaw, that doesn't quite break treeline.
We bushwhacked straight up to the top of the mountain, then continued along the ridgeline to the second bump.

We headed straight up the hillside to the summit of Exshaw Mountain in the trees.
We continued along the ridgeline to the second bump, but didn't continue further, finding it difficult bushwhacking through the trees.
Rather than reascend Exshaw Mountain on the way back, we continued down and returned along Exshaw Creek.

Piglet finds a cool tree on the way up the mountain.

Pasque Flower - first blooms of the season.

Fossilized shell print in the rock of Exshaw Mountain

Laurier's been out in the hills too long and grown antlers.

Rachel, Laurier, Peter, Jenn, and Peter at the top of the Exshaw ridge bump.

Laurier goofs off in the snow.

Jenn joins Laurier in the snow.

bodyprints up on the ridge.

Mount Fable through a hole in the trees.

Heart Mountain from the bottom of the trail.

Laurier descends towards the Bow Valley.

Peter, Jenn, and Peter coming down the slope.

Photos taken by Rachel.

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