Barrier Lookout
A short hike above Barrier Lake to an active fire lookout.

I got out late in the day, and chose this hike for an early season view.

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The trail is wide and direct to Prairie View Lookout, a break with a view to the south over and across the lake.
Beyond that the trail gets narrower, and in muddy early season as this, somewhat dangerous.
It's still easy to follow though, and you reach the lookout before much longer.

I strongly do not recommend this hike.
It might be okay very early in the season, when nothing else is clear of snow, and you just want to get out and walk uphill a bit
IF you have a group of people to keep you occupied. Alone, this was the most boring hike I have ever done.
Other than the brief break at Prairie View, and the decent view at the top, the whole trail is wide and treed.
Nothing to see, no terrain of interest, just trees and a slope. Do Heart Mountain instead. Even if for the 18th time.

Unnamed mountain SW of Barrier Lake.

Runoff at the start of the trail.

View for most of the trail.

Looking back down the treacherous part above Prairie View.

Mount Baldy and Barrier Lake.

A friendly whiskey jack (perisoreus canadensis).

Reflection block at the viewpoint.

Looking back down to the break in the trail.

Serious mud accumulation.

Same mountains across the frozen lake after sunset.

Photos taken by Rachel.

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