Johnston and Grotto Canyons
A winter double ice hike through two popular canyons.

Carla, Jenn, and I attempted to go snowshoeing, but were unable to rent snowshoes.
Instead, we picked up some ice cleats and headed out to check out the tourist areas in off-season.

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Johnston Canyon is one of the most popular tourist traps in Banff. It's a pretty and easy walk, but not when you have to dodge other bodies.
We were out early enough in the day, and in the off season, so didn't have much in the way of crowd troubles.
It was starting to fill up on our way out, but we made it back off the catwalks before it became too busy.

Ice warning sign at the trailhead.

Snow covered ice along the side of the canyon.

Plunge pool at the first falls.

Lower falls from above.

Creek and canyon above the lower falls.

Lower falls from the viewpoint.

Interesting shape in the snow break.

Ice freezing onto the creek near the upper falls.

More ice sculptures.

Water falling behind the ice of the upper falls.

Group photo at the upper falls.

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Grotto Canyon doesn't draw quite the same crowd as the other, but it too is fairly popular, with a cool wide ice flow, rock paintings, and a number of popular beginner ice climbs.
With recent warm weather, the ice was more slush, and rainboots would have been better attire than ice cleats. The ice flows were still cool.

Grotto falls.

closer shot of the ice.

Photos taken by Rachel.

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