Rawson Lake attempt
A snowshoe trip across and halfway above Upper Kananaskis Lake.

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Laurier, Marshall, Tracy, set off for Rawson Lake, making it partway on our snowshoes.
We crossed directly from Upper Lake parking lot to Sarrail Creek falls, making use of our snowshoes across the frozen lake.
We made it about 3/4 of the way up the trail to Rawson before deciding to turn back.
On our way back across Upper Kananaskis Lake, we detoured to check out the peninsula and ice fishing camps.

Marshall figures his snowshoes enable him to fly...

Pretty crystals on the shrubbery.

Laurier walkes across the frozen lake.

Group shadows on the snow.


Tracy's hair frosted over already.

Sarrail Creek falls, at which point we rejoin the hiking trail.

Tracy and Marshall check out the creek.

Marshall powering up to meet the hiking trail.

Marshall and Laurier ahead on the trail.

Laurier shakes a snow-loaded tree...

Mount Indefatigable across the lake.

Unnamed peaks on ridge west of Mount Invincible.

Group photo on the penninsula.

Cross-country ski trail.

Photos taken by Rachel.

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