Baldy/Barrier Rambling
Two mini-strolls in severely winter conditions

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It was only mid-September, but winter came early in the mountains. It had snowed multiple feet in the prior few days.
As usual, however, shortly after this weekend the snow melted entirely and we had a dry day in October down at Chester Lake.
We headed out with the intention of trying for Baldy Pass. It didn't work out quite as intended...

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas on the way out...

staring out, the trail parallels the highway, and there is already a fair amount of snow.

Jillian. (sp?)


Starting out into the deep stuff.

Group shot at the turnaround point.
(b)Brendon, ??, Wes, Gillian, (f)Rachel, Karla.

Another group shot on the way back.
(b)Karla, Rachel, Brendon, Wes, (f)Gillian, ??

When the snow became steadily thigh deep on most of us, we decided it wasn't going to go too well, and turned back.
Undecided about what else to try, we stopped at the little knoll above Barrier Lake, and decided to climb to the top and see what it was like.
The snow was not much less here, but we abandoned ourselves to wet legs.

Clouds rising off of Mount Baldy.

Mount Baldy appearing.

Rachel, Gillian, Karla, ??, and Wes heading up the knoll.

View down to Barrier Lake.

Gillian, Karla, and Wes climbing up a rough spot.

Karla and Rachel.

We reached a nice lookout to the south near the top of the knoll, and built a snowman to share the view.

Wes commandeers the bottom snowball.

Snowman building.

The guys join forces to give mr. snowman a middle.

More building.

Snowman with a mowhawk.

Brendon is unable to resist the sexy snowman...

Reflection in ???'s sunglasses.

The view from this little hill is nice out to some surrounding mountains, and down the south end of Barrier Lake.
We skipped/skiid/slid back down to the dry parking lot and (for some of us) dry clothes.
A beautiful day out with incredible weather - now if only we had brought snowshoes!!

Unnamed mountain to the west of Barrier Lake.

Mount Baldy to the east.

Looking out at Barrier Lake on the way down.

Wes and Karla descending.


Photos taken by Rachel, Brendon, and Gillian.

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