Sentinel/Wastatch Pass
An excellent pre-larch loop above Moraine Lake.

This was a large group hike organized by Kelty, and joined by a few ClubTread members.

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We set out in the morning, a group of twelve, headed for Sentinel Pass.
The beginning of the trail is a relentless push up to Larch Valley, but the grade then eases.
Past the Minnestimma lakes, the trail switchbacks again, and a mere 5.7km from the trailhead, you reach 2611m Sentinel Pass. with 30,000 other people.

Mike and Art entering Larch Valley

A few of the larch starting to turn yellow.

Valley of the Ten Peaks from Larch Valley.

Looking ahead to Sentinel Pass

The group winds around the Minnestimma Lakes.

View back to Mount Fay.

Shoulder of Pinnacle Mountain.

End of the group making it past the lakes.

View upslope to Mount Temple.

Clouds hide most of the Temple route from below.

Sentinel Pass affords an excellent view, both back to the Valley of the Ten Peaks, and Northwest to Paradise Valley.
With the minimal effort required, its popularity is no suprise.

Pinnacle Mountain and Sentinel Pass from the trail below.

Last section of the trail to pass.

Pinnacle Mountain from the pass.

Looking down at the anthill-look of Sentinel Pass.
This photo taken from highest orange-rock point in previous photo.

The sentinels for which the pass is named.
Largest spire is the Grand Sentinel.

Once we descended Sentinel Pass, we left the masses behind, and set off on a barely-there route up the valley.
Wasatch Pass is over 2500m, and wonderfully devoid of the crowds that throng Sentinel.
The 'trail' up to the pass is really just an occasionally apparent route up talus, but the going is easy for the most part, and it's a great scree run back down the front side.

View up to the pass from 700m below.

Larch and backside of Sentinel Pass.

The group comes down the trail to Paradise Valley.

Mike through the Larch trees.

Mount Temple.

The Mitre.

Unnamed peak of Mount Aberdeen.

The sketchy trail to Wastatch Pass.

Mike and Art continuing along a creeklet.

Hungabee Mountain and Horseshoe Glacier.

Starting up above the terminal moraine tarns.

After crossing Wasatch Pass, we again reach an actual trail! -The Wenkchemna Pass trail, 4km from its end.
Just above Eiffel Lake, we are far back enough to have a view back to that pass and peak.
From this point it's a little over 5km home, but it's half flat, and half downhill - so quick going.

Looking down to Eiffel lake from Wastatch Pass.

Eiffel Peak above the pass.

The group rejoins the Wenkchemna trail above Eiffel Lake.

Looking back to a very unassuming Wastatch Pass.

The long traverse back down the Valley of the Ten Peaks.

Rounding a curve near the rejoin with Larch Valley trail.

An interesting fibrous rock structure.

Some sort of fossilized imprint.

Photos taken by Rachel.

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