Taylor Lake
A small alpine lake east of Lake Louise

The trail to Taylor Lake is a straightforward 4.9km, along a wide trail.
The 600m gain is spread out over the entire distance, and an easy pace will put you at the lake in 1.5hrs.

Forested trail up to Taylor Lake.

Close up of Taylor Creek, along the trail.

Glimpse out through the trees of Mount Bell.

Olivier and Lucas breaking into meadows before the lake.

Taylor Lake and unnamed peak at the head of the cirque.

Looking to the outflow of Taylor Lake.

Along the shoreline to the back of Taylor Lake's cirque.

Trying out autostitch, with a big pano of the lake and surrounding cirque.
Mount Bell at left, then unnamed peak, and Panorama Ridge.

Lucas and Laurier (uncle dude).

Lucas hanging out in the grass.

Piglet climbs up an island crack.

Piglet on Taylor Lake island.

photos taken by Kyra and Rachel

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