Carthew-Alderson Lakes

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The trail starts out with a grueling ascent, switchbacking relentlessly above Cameron Lake.
You are sustained by the odd lookout, and the knowledge that this toughest part will be brief.
Before long, the trail arrives at strangely-named Summit Lake. From here, the trail diverges.
One way will cross the international border, then parallel East until meeting Upper Waterton Lake.
We will be turning north instead, and continuing to climb - this up steadily along the side of Mount Carthew.

Jean-Francois heads up the switchbacks.

View down to Cameron Lake.

Summit Lake, and unidentified peaks across the border.

Wildflowers near Summit Lake.

Ridge towards Carthew Summit (pass).

Ridge of Mount Custer.

Chapman Peak and Lake Wurdeman across the line.

Pretty trail with colourful rocks and flowers.


Garnet and ? along the trail.

Rachel and ? hike up the last bit to the pass.

The high point of this trail is known as Carthew Summit - though it is merely a pass and nearby high point.
Tucked under Mount Carthew and connected down a long ridge to Mount Alderson, this pass looks down one valley
most of the way down to Waterton townsite, and the other a gread distance across to the American peaks.
Hiking just above the pass brings you to a small point with a great vantage. This is also where one would pass by to continue on to the summit of Mount Carthew - and easy scramble.

Traverse and switchbacks up to the pass.

Carthew Summit.

?, Garnet, and Rachel in front of Mount Alderson.

Rachel and Garnet on the edge.

View from Carthew Summit, north at left.
Pass and Mount Carthew, red ridge, and Mount Alderson behind, Campbell Mountain, Shaheeya Peak, and Wahseeja and Carcajou Lake valleys (lakes not visible),
Chapman Peak and lesser sumit above Lakes Wurdeman and Nooney, Mount Custer, and adjoining ridges, Ridge of Mount Carthew in the foreground.

Mount Alderson and the Carthew Lakes.

Carthew lakes.

From this high point of the trip, it's a long easy cruise downhill backto Waterton Townsite.
Along the way, you pass the two Carthew Lakes, a few tarns, and a lovely deep blue Aldeson Lake.
The last few kilometres are completely treebound and uninteresting, but at the end of the hike, going downhill, you can zip through.

Cornices at the first Carthew Lake.

Trail around the first lake.
Cool Basalt dyke below the Carthew lakes, as pointed out by an excited Garnet. :)
The Canadian Rockies, being largely a series of thrust faults of varying sizes, contain almost no volcanics, except down here in Waterton.

Falls coming off Mount Carthew.

Streamlet between the Carthew Lakes and Alderson.

Glimpse of Alderson Lake below Mount Alderson.

Rachel exploring.

Trail passes above Alderson Lake.

Cameron Falls - the end of the trail, back in Waterton townsite.

Red Monkeyflower (mimulus lewisii).

False Dandylion (agoseris aurantiaca).

Alpine Forget-me-not (myosotis alpestris).

Least Chipmunk (eutamias minimus).

After the hike, we met up with Kelty and a friend who had remained in the townsite, and reorganized for the ride home. Kelty, Garnet, and I stopped off for a little more geological fun before heading back - see Page 3.

Photos taken by Rachel and Garnet.

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