Grizzly Peak
A minor peak of Mount Evan-Thomas

Unnoficially named for the creek that runs beside it, Grizzly Peak is a quick route to a good view above the Kananaskis Lakes area.

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Dad and I chose this mountain at the last minute for a good workout with a good view.
It didn't disappoint.
The route curves around behind the peak as it gains elevation along the Ripple Rock Creek drainage,
then turns and heads up the back side via a col connecting it to the main summit of Mount Evan-Thomas.
The wide col, as shown on the map, is apparently a popular place to hang out if you are a sheep.

Grizzly Peak from the highway below.

Dad heading up a rock band.

Rachel in front of Mount Packenham.

Dad and I on the way around the mountain.

Dad ascending slopes just below treeline.

Route up the grassy slope to col.

View back down the Ripple Rock Creek valley towards the Kananaskis Lakes.

Dad and I on the summit.

Tilted layers in the mountain chain.

Looking waaay down to our car, 900m below.

Kananaskis Lakes to the Southwest.

Full panorama from the summit.

Dad. Further explanation impossible.

Sheep and other hikers on the col below.

The col was a bit windy...

Grass blowing in the wind downslope.

Dad below the rocky upper mountain.

Neat sort-of cave in the peak across the valley.

Brown-Eyed Susan (gaillardia aristata).

Stonecrop (sedum lanceolatum).

Common Harebell (campanula rotundifolia).

White Camas (zygadenus elegans).

Wild Blue Flax (linum lewisii).

Unknown blue flower - assistance welcome!

Herd of mountain goats grazing on the hillside.

Baby goat checking us out.

Least chipmunk

yet unidentified fossilized things.

yet unidentified fossilized things.

yet unidentified fossilized things.

yet unidentified fossilized things.

Photos taken by Rachel.

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