Memorial Lakes (1 and 2)
a couple of pretty lakes above Ribbon Creek

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The trail to the Memorial Lakes starts out on the large and well-used Ribbon Creek Trail.
~4km from the start, a cairned by unsigned path turns off to the north, and the character of the trail changes vastly.
North Ribbon Creek is an small but while creek, with frequent waterfalls and bits of whitewater. The 'trail' is similarly wild.
To the first lake, we managed to follow the trail without too many troubles.

Ribbon Creek.

Cairned turnoff to North Ribbon Creek.

First waterfall, a fan with a second cascade.

Fan waterfall.

Karla and Laurier at the creek.

Karla and the waterfalls.

Second waterfall, a chute through a narrow canyon.

Pinstraight second fall.
A tricky section of creek crossing with log bridges laid between a jumble of small islands.

Cascade fall on a tributary creek just before the first lake.

First Memorial Lake.

Waterfall between the Third and First lakes.

Bogart Tower.

The trail to the second lake alternated between bits and pieces of decent trail, and random bushwhacking along the creek.
The second lake is less spectacularly set, but far more beautiful than the first, perfectly clear and reflective.
We considered a swim, but were running out time with still another lake to try for.

Karla, Rachel, and Laurier at the second lake.

Unnamed mountain between Bogart and Sparrowhawk.

Same mountain reflected in the Second Memorial Lake.

Reflection in the still lake.

Karla and Laurier back at the approach end of the lake.

Clear shallows and an island.

Unable to discern the simplest way up to the highest tarn, and lacking the time to explore, we turned back.
Unfortunately, on our way below the second tarn, we followed a completely different trail than on the ascent, and became horribly misdirected.
This resulted in some bushwhacking (through a short but hard hailstorm that blew through), and creek crossings, but we eventually located the main trail and made it back.

Karla and Laurier lunching below the headwall to Third lake.

Trail back down below the second lake.

Laurier hoists a log to create a bridge for me to cross.

Laurier, bridgemaker extraordinaire.

Wild Geranium (geranium richardonsii)

Geranium flower.

Yello Mountain Saxifrage (saxifraga aizoides)

unknown butterfly. (butterlyus unknownus)

White Admiral butterfly (limenitis arthemis)

Northern blue butterfly (lycaeides idas).

Another northern blue.

Swarms of butterflies on the Ribbon Creek trail.

Photos taken by Rachel.

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