Wenkchemna Pass
A pass above Eiffel Lake, on the continental divide.

I did this trail with the Calgary Outdoor Club. Organized by Marko.

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This is a very straightforward trail - once you switchback up to near larch valley, you flatten out, and the trail continues right out to the pass.
Eiffel Lake is a pretty detour along the route, and the trails to Larch Valley/Sentinel Pass, Wastatch Pass, and Eiffel Peak all branch from the trail.

The trail starts at Moraine Lake, in the stunning Valley of the Ten Peaks
(two issues formerly of the $20 bill, and way cooler than anything since pictured.)
The trail quickly heads straight up in switchbacks, as you gain the most significant elevation of the day.

Tower of Babel - an easy scramble up a scree gulley.

Moraine Lake from the trail up.

Glacier below Mounts Perren and Allen.

Gully between ...Allen and Tuzo??

After the switchbacks, the trail turns west,and continues at a level path out to Eiffel Lake.

The group hiking on ahead.

Eiffel Peak above.

Through the larch to Eiffel Peak.

Looking up to some neat colours in the rock.

Wastatch Pass below Eiffel Peak.

Pano shot looking back at the Wenkchemna (ten) Peaks.

Wenkchemna Pass and Peak now seen at the end of the valley.
Peeking over the pass is Mount Curtis, in BC.

The group coming around the bend.

Eiffel Lake and other tarns below Wenkchemna Pass.

Blue lake, green tarn, and great red and orange rocks.

Vibrant larch trees above a deeply blue Eiffel Lake.

Incredible green colour in a tarn beside Eiffel Lake.

Once past Eiffel Lake, the trail winds north around the edge of the valley, before ascending to Wenkchenma Pass.
The pass sits right on the continental divide, and only an unfortunately high Opabin Pass restricts your view northwest to Lake O'Hara.

Unnamed and Eiffel Peak form an excellent backdrop to the group on the trail.

Group crossing the plateau below Wenkchemna Pass.
In the distance are Mounts Babel, Fay, Bowlen, Little, Tonsa, Perren, and Allan.

Wenkchemna Pass from below.

Hiking up to a viewpoint north of the pass.

View back down the valley including plateau tarns and Eiffel Lake.

View south down Tokumm Creek on the other side of the pass.
This water's going to the Pacific!

Group Photo at the pass. Rachel at far right, Marko in yellow, Marcel third from left, and Aarmaan fourth.
Everyone else, I'm sorry, but I have forgotten your name.

Marko skipping rocks into a half-frozen pond at the top of the pass.

An interesting cornice breaking apart.

some members of the group 'glissade'ing* down a snow slope.
     *glissade - to careen wildly down a snowslope with the claim of being in control.

Pink 'watermelon snow'. Caused by a tiny algae (chlamydomonas nivalis) in the snow.

After the pass, we detoured to Eiffel Lake, then made our way back.

Eiffel Lake and Wenkchemna Pass, from the lakeshore.

Field of flowers along the trail.

More wildflowers and a peek at Moraine Lake.

Fireweed (epilobium angustifolium).

Alpine Pussytoes (antennaria lanata).

River Beauty (epilobium latifolium).

Moss Campion (silene acaulis).

Western Anemone (anemone occidentalis).

Alpine Yellow Paintbrust (castilleja occidentalis).

Hoary Marmot (marmota caligata) taking a nap.

The marmot pokes his head up at our approach.

A set of trace fossils, or ichnofauna, 'thalasinoides' - a burrowing structure or dwelling structure of a callianasid shrimp, left while burrowing through a firm sediment.

Another set of tracks, similar to the above.

Photos taken by Rachel.

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