Mist Ridge
This is a 9km ridge along the Highwood Range.

A great ridgewalk - long and easy walking the whole way, equally awesome weather made for a perfect hike.

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The first 5km of the hike heads up around the shoulder of a separate point before dipping and starting up the ridge.
Cumulatively, you gain more than 700m in this section, to find yourself atop the south summit of Mist Ridge.
The views of Mist Mountain and other peaks deep in the highwood are excellent.

The path starts well below treeline

South (lower) summit of mist ridge, from the trail as it begins to break treeline.

Mist ridge trail rises onward - switchbacks visible on next hill over.

A little farther along, looking towards Mist Ridge proper.

Unnamed peak to the East

Olivier and Laurier hike up through wildflower-laden meadows.

Rachel, Laurier, and Carthy nearing South summit of Mist Ridge.

Storm Mountain to the northwest

The next ~7km are along the spine of the ridge.
There is sometimes a visible human or animal path on or below the ridge, but it's open walking the whole way.
A number of wildflowers and occasional rocky outcrops keep the ridge itself interesting, while the view extends both ways.

Olivier and Laurier on the South summit.

Spine of Mist Ridge rises to the North.

From the south summit, Mist Ridge continues north to Rickert's Pass.

Rachel running down from the south summit.

The view to the east - a number of cool, but unnamed peaks.

Unnamed mountain to east.

Misty Range to the west - Mist Mountain and Storm Mountain
are the leftmost and rightmost peaks respectively.

Storm Mountain and Ridge above Misty basin,
from north summit.

Plentiful wildflowers along the ridge.

Olivier thinks this flower looks good enough to eat.

Rocky outcrops below the ridgecrest.

South summit, from below.

Olivier, Laurier, and Carthy hiking beyond flowers
in another rocky outcropping.

Rachel hiking along the ridge.

Flowers grow in the strangest places!

Carthy, Laurier, and Olivier making their way
down to Rickert's Pass.

The high point of the ridge is the north summit at 2515m. It is ~1km from the end of the ridge at Rickert's Pass.
Beyond the pass, it is possible to extend the hike another 6km looping through Misty Basin, but we chose to just head back.

North summit of Mist Ridge.

Misty Basin below Storm Mountain.

Carthy, Olivier, Laurier, and Rachel just above Rickert's Pass.

Looking down from the pass.

Below Rickert's Pass, the trail plunges another 300m down to the valley containing Mist Creek.
The Mist Creek trail is nothing special, but for a treed creek walk, it was nice and the 9km back to the car goes quickly.

Carthy, Rachel, and Laurier fall below treeline on the trail down to Mist Creek.

Mist Creek trail through the forest.

Teeny waterfall on a Mist Creek tributary.

Carthy, Rachel, Laurier, and Olivier at the end of the trail.

Holy wildflowers batman! We were out at the perfect time of spring, and saw a ton of wildflowers - including alpine forget-me-not!

Rock Jasmine (androsace chamaejasme).

Alpine forget-me-not (myosotis alpestris). Pretty pretty flower!

Alpine forget-me-not (myosotis alpestris). My favourite wildflower.

Moss Campion (silene acaulis).

Tiny flowers of moss campion.

Glacier Lily (erythronium grandiflorum).

Closer view of a Glacier Lily.

Leafy Aster (aster foliaceus).

White aster

Rose-root (tolmachevia integrifloria)

Another rose-root.

Alpine cinquefoil (potentilla nivea)

Yellow Draba (draba paysonii)

Silky scorpionweed (phacelia sericea)

Unidentifiable flower - help welcomed!

Unidentifiable flower - help welcomed!

Jacob's Ladder (polemonium pulcherrimum)

A common Least Chipmunk (eutamis minimus), in the flowers.

Skull of some not-yet-identified animal.

Awesomely coloured rock.

Photos taken by Carthy, Olivier, and Rachel.

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