Heart Creek Hike

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The official Heart Creek trail is a short walk weaving back and forth along the trail to a small waterfall.
Beyond the waterfall, the creek can be followed farther back to another couple waterfalls and a small canyon.
The trail is fairly simple, but has quite a variety of wildflowers.

Mom trying out a nice recliner shaped rock in the stream.

Waterfall at the end of the official trail.

Crossing a small part of Heart Creek.

Double waterfall farther along the trail

Upper waterfall.

Small lower waterfall.

The creek flows much higher during periods of runoff - it has scoured quite the patterns.

Mom and I near the waterfall at the end of the trail.

False Dandelion (agoseris glauca)

Wild Rose (rosa acicularis)

Yellow Hedysarum (hedysarum sulphurescens)

Purple Milk Vetch

Western Wood Lily (lilium philadelphicum)

Western Canada Violet (viola canadensis)

Indian Paintbrush (castilleja miniata)

Hybridized Columbine (aquilegia formosa/flavescens)

Yellow Columbine (aquilegia flavescens)

unknown butterfly

An interesting coloured rock in the creek.

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