Mount Saint Piran
Jenn, Peter and I went out to Lake Louise for the day to find a hike, and ended up on Mount Saint Piran.

There is no official trail, but a pretty clear path to the top.

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We started this hike by heading up the well-travelled trail to Lake Agnes. After passing Mirror Lake, you get to the trail options.

View up from Lake Louise: Mounts Niblock and Whyte in the background,
Big Beehive, Mount St. Piran and Little Beehive in front.

Mount St. Piran from Lake Louise

Peter, Jenn, and Rachel above Lake Louise.

A helicopter made frequent (presumably supply) trips to Lake Agnes, carrying a number of different
things while we were hiking. Not exactly wilderness. :)

Big Beehive above Mirror Lake.

Mirror Lake.

Little Beehive from the Lake Agnes trail.

Big Beehive from the Lake Agnes trail.

Devil's Thumb and Mount Niblock above the Lake Agnes waterfall.

We turned off the main trail to Little Beehive before reaching the lake. This was formerly the site of a fire lookout, and the foundation remains.
At 2200m, it affords a quite good view of the valleys below.

Mossy trees above Lake Louise.

The Chateau Lake Louise on the lake.

Rachel climbing over the edge on Little Beehive.

Peter *struggling* not to fall off the cliff

Lake Agnes teahouse and the waterfall below from Little Beehive.

Peter standing on the foundation of the old fire lookout.
Louise skihill and the peaks of skoki are across the valley behind.

(l-r) Lake Louise, Mirror Lake, Mount Fairview, and Big Beehive.

Mirror Lake from Little Beehive.

From Little Beehive, we decided to continue on to the summit of Mount St. Piran.
This peak is sometimes listed as a scramble, but is nothing more than a steep hike up intermittent trail.
We'd noticed a good amount of cloud in the sky, and as we gained elevation, it began to snow. Luckily, we saw no lightning or relatedsigns of concern. Until Jenn and I found our hair standing on end...
Being completely exposed on the side of the mountain, we had nothing to do but hunker down until the storm passed; which it did - leaving us to summit in clear sunshine.

Looking back at Lake Louise from the trail.

Jenn and Peter partway up.

Stormclouds coming in from the West.

Visibility drops to a few metres - unless looking down below the clouds.

Jenn's hair leads us to believe there's a bit of electricity in the air.

Rachel's little hairs standing up.

With the passing of the storm, the day opened up a bit for us to enjoy our summit stay.

Switchbacks on the Big Beehive trail.

Devil's Thumb - ascent route on its right.

Neat flaking layers in the summit rocks of St. Piran.

Neat colours in the rock - [what is this stuff?]

Mounts Niblock and Whyte

Rachel wandering down the west side of St. Piran.

Waterfall flowing from the Whyte-Niblock snowfield.

Looking up the west side of St. Piran to the summit.

North arm of Mount Niblock and peaks beyond.

Minnewakun Lake north of Mount St. Piran.

Panorama west from the summit of Mount St. Piran. Click here to see it labelled.

Jenn, Rachel, and Peter on the summit.

Mount Temple

Eiffel Peak

Mount Fairview

Face in the Aberdeen Glacier.

On our way down the mountain, we stopped by the Lake Agnes teahouse to shelter briefly from the newly-started rain, then continued down the usual trail past the waterfall.

Lake Agnes

Waterfall outletting Lake Agnes.

There were quite a number of different wildflowers on this hike, a few newly-photographed.

golden fleabane (erigeron aureus)

evergreen violet (viola orbiculata)

white heather (cassiope tetragona)

white drabas (draba sp.)

western anemone (anemone occidentalis)

globeflower (trollius albiflorus)

Photos taken by Rachel.

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