Hummingbird Plume Lookout
Plus a couple of waterfalls

We started from the base of Nakiska ski area, and headed up to Hummingbird Plume Lookout.
It's an easy trail - mostly cross-country ski trails, and the view is non-spectacular, but nice.

A map along the trail. Our route is in red.

Olympic summit from Nakiska ski area.

The trail below treeline.

The Wedge

Mount Lorette ponds from the lookout.

The old lookout at hummingbird plume.
When this was in use, the trees were not tall enough to surround it, and there would have been a good view.

We took a side trail on the way back, looking for waterfalls, and came across the set being used to film a German television series.
They had set up a temporary bridge across a large gorge, which is not normally accessible.
This was great, as it gave us access to view a waterfall much better than you can see from the sides.

x creek - this is going FAST.

continuing downstream.

Looking down the gorge - bridge is set up at top.

The bridge and down into the gorge.

Looking across the temporary bridge

View of the bridge and across the gorge into the Kananaskis valley.

The bridge over the gorge - I'm not sure what they were shooting, but it must be pretty cool in this setting.

The tall waterfall from the bridge.

Long view of the gorge.

Tall shot of the waterfall.

After the gorge falls, we headed over to the ever-popular Troll Falls.
There's a heck of a lot of water going over it right now, being spring runoff.
The creek below was seriously flooded - enough to make it uncrossable.
This was unfortunate, as we had hoped to try to go above it from the other side.

Flooded outflow creek.

Flooding from the pool at the base of the falls.

Troll Falls.

The falls from the ledge beside.

The water shooting out from above.

View downstream from beside the waterfall.

Lacking the other waterfalls, the trip was good for wildflowers, with a few previously unphotographed.

Red Indian Paintbrush (castilleja miniata).

Heart-leaved Arnica (arnica cordifolia).

Red Indian Painbrush.


Ragwort (senecio pauciflorus).

Dwarf Dogwood (cornus canadensis).

Wild Rose (rosa acicularis) -provincial flower of Alberta.

Milk Vetch (astragalus americanus)

A chipmunk that came by at the lookout.

Least Chipmunk (eutamis minimus)

Photos taken by Rachel.

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