Black Rock Mountain
Yet another trip to my favourite peak in the Ghost

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I did this trip with the Calgary Outdoor Club - a great coincidence of route.
While I have previously summited in May, July, August, and October, this is my first June trip.
Slowly making my way through the months.
We had a great, sunny day, and, having left the city early, were finished around two.
More photos are available at the Calgary Outdoor Club gallery.

Black Rock Mountain from the valley. (Now with zoom!)

Phantom Crag from the trailhead.

Mount Aylmer, from the trailhead.

The beginning of the trail winds through the trees towards the base of the mountain.
Once you reach that point, it switchbacks. And switchbacks.
As the trail continues up, it also traverses north until you break above treeline at a rocky jumble.

Ruins of the old Warden cabin just past the beginning of the trail.

The trail heads up into the forest.

Nearing the end of the switchbacks.

First view of the cliffband from treeline.

Alternate trail to the cliffband.

Mitko claiming a rock for Bulgaria.

The trail now traverses around to a gully that brings you through the cliffs.
Above is the great plateau - massive, and surrounded by steep dropoffs.

Starting into the cliffband.

*Continuing above scree gully in the cliffband.
The lookout is visible just poking out.

Trailing out along the massive plateau.

*Calgary from the mountain.

The awesome edge of the cliffs.

Peering over a cliff edge - it's a long way down!

A cairn marking the line across the plateau.
The way up is obvious, but these become useful on the descent.

View east from below the summit massif.
There is an alternate route that ascends these hills.

The last push to the top is a mix of scree and rocks.

*Group shot with the lookout on summit.
(standing, l-r) Marko, Phil, Mitko, Cezary
(sitting l-r) Antri, Naima, Mike, Kristina, Blanka, Rachel, Aarmaan, Ian.

Marko climbing the fire lookout.

Marko truly on the summit.

Summit Panorama

Closer panorama of the peaks to west.

Mountain Dryas

Alpine Drabas

unknown flower - assistance appreciated!

Photos taken by Rachel, except where marked with * taken by Marko

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