Grotto Canyon
A short hike through a small canyon East of Grotto Mountain.

Karla, Martin and I headed out for something flat to do in a couple hours after work.

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After negotiating your way to the trailhead through the Lafarge plant trails, you hit the creek just as it starts to close in a little.

Martin, Karla, and Rachel just inside the main canyon.

Grotto Mountain pond, beside the parking lot.

Southeast point of Grotto Mountain, as seen from the canyon entrance.

Heart Mountain, across the valley.

Mount McGillivray

Mount Lougheed and The Windtower

Martin at the beginning of the canyon

Close part of the canyon walls

The smidge of water - a mere shadow of the river that carved this out.

Cool, water-carved rock formation in the wall.

Pictographs! the smooth rock attests to the number of people who have touched, and damaged the paintings.
I have to wonder if, some number of years ago there was a great fuss in the local society about 'those damn hoodlums that keep painting on the rock faces'...

There is a neat side canyon a little ways in, which houses a waterfall, and some awesome looking climbing rock.

A little bit of ice holding on as we come into the turn.

Karla heading up the side canyon

Waterfall in the side canyon. (view big!)

A neat dripping wall with some interesting-looking climbing routes at the back where the main canyon turns.

A very scramble-tempting face.

Unable to remain too flat, Martin and I scrambled up over a large ridge, rather than go the long 5m around it.

Martin on the edge.

Karla waiting below.

As we came out the back of the canyon to where the creek opens up again, to our great suprise, we spotted hoodoos!
There's a great mass of rock with some hoodoo-like structures, and a small cave up on the hillside. This, of course, required exploration.

The cave and hoodoos.

Martin hiking up the slope - it's the perfect consistency of too loose to trust, too solid to slide.

The entrance to the cave

Looking down into the valley from inside the cave

showing the inside of the cave - it's just a small hole in the side - might be nice for waiting out rain.

A beaver! spied in the pond at trailhead.

Photos taken by Rachel and Karla.

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