Chinaman's Peak (Ha Ling)
A simple hike straight up the back of a prominent peak of Mount Laurence Grassi.

This is one of the Canmore classics, along with the East End of Rundle.

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Starting from the parking lot at the top of highway 742, the trail is a neverending set of switchbacks.
Once you break out of the trees, it's find-a-path on the light scree to the summit.
Laurier and I headed out for an afternoon hike, and ended up wearing all the clothes we had by the top.
The flat back of this mountain has not a smidge of wind shelter, and the top is cold!
A fair layering of ice also made the summit a little precarious, but we got to the register, and then got down.

Rachel and Laurier near the break with the Miner's Peak trail.

Town of Canmore from Chinaman's summit.

East End of Rundle trail, across the gap.

Laurier heading down the mountain.

Photos taken by Rachel.

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