Mount Baldy
A short, direct scramble near Barrier Lake

This is a fun hike - rather than a scree trudge, you vary between proper path, and rocky slabs. A few more difficult steps keep it interesting.

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The trail cuts a grueling track for treeline, and once you break above the cover the cool stuff starts.
The first neat bit is a few metre downclimb - above a blank face.
A little further on, you hit a narrow ledge traverse. This one can be avoided by following an alternate trail to below. That, of course, is no fun.
The summit gives a fairly good view of the bow and upper Kananaskis valleys, but it's the trail you do this for.

Laurier pausing on the downclimb.

Photo taken by 'Granticulus' showing the scale of the exposure below the downclimb.

Laurier waiting on a stone bench.
Whomever built this must have been waiting for people even slower than Rachel!

Rachel and Laurier along the trail.
The East and South peaks are visible to the right.

Rachel and Laurier with the summit cairn.

Barrier Lake and McConnell Ridge from the summit.
Mount Yamnuska and Black Rock Mountain are both visible in the distance.

Laurier trying out a new scree technique on the way down.

Photos taken by Rachel except where noted.

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