Mount Bourgeau
A 2900m peak near Banff, requiring merely a long walk to summit.

As one of the higher mountains around, it provides a view for a long way in every direction.

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The first seven kilometres of the trail are through the forest, generally along Wolverine creek.
There are occasional breaks in the trees, giving views of the surrounding mountains,and one particularly nice cascade of waterfalls.

Mount Cory, across the Bow Valley.

Mount Brett, west of the Bourgeau trail.

Continuing up the trail, past a viewpoint to the north and west.

Simone and Alex cross a bridge over one of Wolverine's tributory streams.

Wolverine Creek cascading down a series of waterfalls.

Laurier rock-hopping across the creek.

Alex, Alisa, and the waterfalls above.

Simone at the creek crossing.

At around the 7km mark the trail breaks out of the trees and into meadows with a view of the peak above.
After half a kilometre or so, it reaches Bourgeau lake - a sparkling and icy blue-green.
We stopped at the lake for lunch, then continued above it.

Alisa at the first glimpse into the meadow.

Alex and Alisa with the trail to Harvey Pass visible in the distance.

Bourgeau Lake from the trail.

Bourgeau Lake and Mount Bourgeau from the trai lto Harvey Pass.

Curving around the north side of Bourgeau Lake, the trail continues towards Harvey Pass.
Struggling up the first heawall, you are rewarded by views of the lake behind, and a series of waterfalls as a stream plunges down to the lake.
Cresting the headwall, the trail passes the first of three small tarns.
Winding counter-clockwise almost in a circle, to a point on Bourgeau's shoulder, the trail rises steadily.
The larger tarns and tiny ponds are beautiful in a cirque below unnamed peaks west of Bourgeau.

Starting up the trail to first headwall. The summit of Mount Bourgeau is now visible behind.

Simone cutting off trail into a patch of scree below the Bourgeau bump.

David above the first headwall. Bourgeau Lake is just to the bottom right of photo.

Laurier, Rachel, Simone, and David hiking above the first tarn.

Heading up the last steep hill below Harvey Pass

Alex at Harvey Lake, in the Pass. Mount Assiniboine in the distance.

Laurier, Rachel, David, Alisa, Simone, and Alex in Harvey Pass.

From Harvey Pass, the summit is about 2.5km, in which to gain close to 500m.
The trail heads straight up a broad ridge, enabling solid ground the whole way, but walk to the side, and it affords a dizzying view down.

Sunshine Village ski area from Harvey Pass
(l-r) Goats Eye Mountain, Lookout Mountain, and Mount Assiniboine.

The ridge heading for the summit.

Alisa on the edge of the ridge, lookout down to Bourgeau Lake

Alex checking out a tenacious cornice, with the Sawback Range in the distance.

Summit of Mount Bourgeau, from midway along the ridge.

The Sunshine meadows area and Healy creek drainage.

Alex on the summit of Mount Bourgeau.

Summit cornice, and ridge behind.

Simone with the summit register, and view to north.

Alisa on the summit, looking into the sun.

Banff Townsite from the summit.

Laurier near the summit, and view to south.

Simone, Laurier, Rachel, Alex, and Alisa on the summit.

Due to our rather slow speed on the ascent, darkness was beginning to fall by the time we made it down to Harvey Pass.
By the time we made it back to the car, it was fully pitch-black night, but the wide trail was easy to follow, and interesting in the darkness.

View down to Bourgeau Lake from the summit.

Labelled photo, showing the trail up.

Harvey Lake in the falling light.

One of the smaller tarns in the shadow of the mountains.

Trees by Bourgeau Lake in the twilight.

Wildflowers below Bourgeau Lake.

A hoary marmot, conveniently posing for the photo.

A chipmunk, or similar small furry animal.

Photos taken by Alisa, Alex, Rachel, and Simone

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