Boom Lake
An unspectacular hike through solid trees leads to a large lake, of the sort that gives Banff its fame.

Expecting a rainy day, we headed for the cover of trees, and beauty of a lake that would still be visible when the peaks misted over.
As happens in the mountains, we saw not a drop of rain all day, but glorious sunshine - enough to tempt us into the water!

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The majority of this trail is open enough to take a golf cart through.
Nothing interesting happens until you hit the lake - which is beautiful.
We stopped and ate lunch along the lakeside, and checked out the sharp dropoff point.

Laurier, Rachel, Simone, and Mandy on a large rock in front of Boom Lake.

Rachel, Simone, and Laurier heading along the main trail.

Boom Lake, from just past the trail end.

Mandy's toes dipped in the refreshing water.

Boom Mountain behind the lake.

After our stop, someone got the bright idea of heading around the lake, so we headed off.
We bushwhacked about a kilometre before deciding it was a ridiculous idea.
Midway back, we came upon a very inviting little inlet of the lake - pretty, clear, and empty.
No-one had suits - having expected rain - but we had a good swim in our various amounts of extra clothing.

Mandy and Laurier bushwhacking.

A tributory stream in the forest.

Sun sparkling off beautiful glacier water
It says "you know you waaaaaanna.."

Mandy and Simone in the lake
Mandy's face attests to the temperature.

Simone, Rachel, and Laurier in the lake.

Simone, Mandy, and Rachel going for the dry clothes!

Simone posing on a tree.

Mandy showing the way back to the trail.

Photos taken by Rachel and Mandy.

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