The Windtower
A straightforward hike to a summit off of Mount Lougheed.

This trail goes stright up - 1100m. Alternating between switchbacks and seige style, this trail heads from bottom to summit in a straight line -
Somehow not all that difficult, despite the quick elevation gain.

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We headed out for West Wind Pass - I'd promised a short, easy hike with a pretty view.
After what felt like 500m of elevation gain (it's 300m to the pass), I got a little suspicious.
Heading briefly off course, I found a view that confirmed it - West Wind Pass was roughly 200m below us.
By the looks of things, we got off the course very near the beginning, and ended up on the trail to the summit of The Windtower.
After explaining my mistake, we had two options - hunt (bushwhack) for West Wind Pass, or go on to the top.
We decided that there was no good reason to turn back now, and went for it.
We also met up with a solo hiker, [name], and his dog, and joined them for much of the ascent.

The Windtower from highway one - a formidable conquest.

The backside of The Windtower from parking lot -
showing the easy slopes to summit.

Rachel on the way up, with Spray resevoir in the background.

Rachel and Mom at the shoulder - just above our decision to continue upwards.
("Look Mom, that slope doesn't look too bad, does it?")

[dude] and Rachel on the summit.
The imposing Mount Lougheed in background.

Rachel and Mom with the summit cairn, view to NorthEast.

Mom, Rachel, and [dog] hiding in the windbreak.
Looking South down the Spray valley.

Photos taken by Rachel and Rachel's Mom (known to the rest of the world as Deborah).

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