Rawson Lake
A pretty alpine lake above Upper Kananaskis Lake.

We also hiked past the lake to Sarrail Ridge above for a look back down the Kananaskis Valley.

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The trail starts along the Upper Kananaskis Lake trail, and turns off to the south shortly after Sarrail Creek Falls
The trail gains steadily through the forsest, and opens up at Rawson Lake.
We continued around the lake to climb the ridge on the far side.
From the low point we reached, there is a great view back out at the Kananaskis Lakes, and ranges east.

Upper Kananaskis Lake and the Opal Range.

Rawson Lake and the shoulder on Mount Sarrail.

Calvin and Lucie heading down the trail around the lake.

Laurier, Lucie, Melinda, Alethea, Calvin, and Rachel along Rawson Lake

Alethea, Lucie, Melinda, Calvin, and Laurier heading up the trail to col.
Remnant of a snowdrift at left is completely melted underneath,
forming a pretty cool tunnel.

Rachel and Laurier under Mount Sarrail.

View north from a bump on the col above Rawson Lake.
Mount Lyautey at left. Mount Warspite/Black Prince at right.
Haig Glacier surrounded by Mounts Maude, French, and Jellicoe far back.

Upper and Lower Kananaskis Lakes with Mount Indefatigable at left
and the Opal Range in the distance.

Photos taken by Rachel

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