Ptarmigan Cirque
A short trail in the Highwood Pass

We ended up down here by accident, after I missed the turnoff to Upper Kananaskis Lake.

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Ptarmigan Cirque is a popular interpretive trail, though on this iffy day we saw suprisingly few people.
We hiked up into the cirque, and continued out the back towards the excellent ridges ringing the cirque.
While we didn't get too far, the area piqued my interest, and I returned home to discover the route for Mount Rae, which quickly became a new objective.

First view into ptarmigan cirque.

Rachel, Laurier, Simone, and Mandy at the end of the interpretive trail
- view into the upper cirque to Mount Rae.

False summit of Mount Rae.

Mount Rae ascent route
-scree up the back of the cirque to gain the ridge.

Simone at a small runoff falls.

Rachel climbing up a little farther.

Rachel and Mandy descend the scree.

Photos taken by Rachel and group.

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