Pidgeon Mountain
A short hike to a grassy summit.

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The Pidgeon Mountain trail gains 990m to the summit of a mountain overlooking the Bow Valley.
It's a 7.7km trail, but not near as easy as that makes it sound.
The first ~5km are along the powerline trail towards Skogan Pass, gaining only minimal elevation over the whole length.
When you turn off at a cairned trail, you then gain almost the entire elevation in the last 2km grunt.
It's merely a hike, on unofficial, but decent trail, but it's an enjoyable mountain, and the view is decent.

I say this mostly from the photos of others, because as we crested the summit ridge, a rainstorm blew in.
We reached the summit quickly and started to head back down, only to have the storm pass by shortly after we began our descent.

Looking up the rolling hillside to summit.

Clouds clearing on the way down.

Photos taken by Rachel.

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