Black Prince Cirque
an exciting hike to some pretty tarns in a high cirque

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The trail starts along an interpretive trail, which ends and Warspite Lake - a shallow pond in the valley bottom.
We continue by bushwhacking around the shore of the lack, and follow bits of trail and game trails up the headwall to the upper valley.
Along the way, Warspite Cascades provide a nice view/water source, and the upper valley is gorgeous.

Phil looks up the valley.

The headwall protecting Black Prince.

Warspite Cascade, flowing high with the runoff.

Black Prince Cirque.

I had told everyone to bring their swimsuits, in anticipation of possible swimming in the tarns, but when we got their we realised it was impossible...
We had a nice lunch break despite, and then headed back down the talus slope.

The completely frozen tarns.

Ridgeline in front of the tarns.

On our way down, the hike changed from a pleasant day out to a severe problem.
Laurier, hiking on ahead, managed to slip from the edge of a large talus boulder, and fall a good ways, scraping along the rock as he went.
Luckily, his backpack of extra clothing save his back upon landing, but he managed to shred skin on his hands, forearms, knee, and back.
In addition to the superficial stuff, he managed some serious avulsions, and one deep laceration of his left palm.
This was right at the top of the trail too, so after being well bandaged, we had to walk the couple hours back to the car before driving in.
Upon our return to Calgary we had a most unpleasant evening and night at the hospital, but everything came out okay in the end.

A heavily bandaged Laurier toughing it out on the descent.

Rachel, Laurier, and Karla heading back towards the lake.

Rachel, Laurier, and Karla at Warspite Lake.

Photos taken by Phil and Rachel.

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