Moose Mountain
an active fire lookout in the Elbow Valley

Laurier and I made it out for this after the rains finally stopped.

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This is a straightforward trail, hiking along the shoulder of an approaching ridge, then over the false summit and on to the top.
The only interesting bit we encountered was a fair amount of snow on the ridge, obscuring the trail and leading us to take a more difficult route.

Moose Mountain - View from start of trail

view to east

Laurier in the snow on last ridge to the summit.
We were sinking to our thighs the last bit.

It's not an over long trai, and we had started early, so we went out afterwards to check out Elbow Falls nearby.
This is normally a pretty little fall along the quiet Elbow River, but after two weeks of solid rain the river was a raging torrent.
The falls were barely distinguishable with the water levels so high, and were more of a rapid than a fall.
Take a look at the photos at the bottom of this page to see what the falls normally look like.
Over the summer we would see effects of this crazy June in a number of places, as all of Alberta experienced massive flooding.

Elbow Falls from the lookout.

Me on a rock that's normally a ways from the shore.

Still not late in the day, we decided to try out the Canyon Creek Ice Caves, not yet seen, and started up that access road.
Partway along we ran into a bridge one must cross, completely undercut by the flooded river.
It was blocked off, and taped up with 'do not cross' and 'H2S spill' tape.
We continued past it a bit, but were uncertain about any possible risk of the flooding, or coincidence of the tape, and decide not to go on.

Washed out bridge blocked with H2S spill tape.

Photos taken by Rachel.

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