Prairie Mountain
A nice front-range workout in the Elbow Valley

We hiked this mountain during the 14 days of rain in June of 2005

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We had to guess we were at the summit upon finding the cairn. There was insufficient visibility to know.

I was thrilled enough to be able to hike to do it in any weather, and Laurier and I set out on this rainy day.
After Nihahi Ridge in the morning, we had lunch in the car, then set our for this summit.
It's a good steep 700m climb in a short distance, and has a suprisingly nice view to the real mountains in the west.
On this day, we were lucky to be able to see each other, and had to assume we were at the top upon locating a cairn.

The summit should be visible in this photo.
Unfortunately, visibility is somewhere around ten feet.
It is a nice hillside...

Photos taken by Rachel.

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