Grotto Canyon
A short hike through a water-smoothed canyon.

After Karst Spring turned out to be rather short, we tacked this on on the way home.

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The trail follows Grotto Creek north of highway 1.
The first 2km or so are through a small canyon, with scoured-smooth walls, and neat rock.
There are also some pictographs along the way.
At about the 2km mark, the canyon splits, and a small spur can be followed off to the east, where there is found a waterfall.
The main canyon continues to the west, but opens up to a wider valley.
There is no more canyon, but continuing up the valley will bring you to a hoodoo, and sport climbing routes.

View back down the canyon - Mom waiting at the bottom

Waterfall cascading down a side notch.

...wonder if you can climb up there...?

Photos taken by Rachel.

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