Karst Spring
a short hike through lush forest to a cold spring

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Mom and I set out for this nice hike with little elevation.
While I would usually prefer to be high on a mountain somewhere, it's a pretty walk, and excellent if you have new hikers.
The forest is thick with moss and downed trees, and has an atmosphere not seen many other places on this side of the rockies.
We hiked up to the spring in short time, and ended up visiting Grotto Canyon on our way home as well since this had been so short.

The cascade flowing down from Karst Spring

Me in the dredgewood. Everything all over is covered in moss,
including the multitudes of fallen trees crossing the stream - very cool.

Me and Mom on a rock looking back up the slope.

Me and Mom at the top of the trail.
The spring bubbles up from the bottom of the rock behind us.

Photos taken by Rachel.

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