Mount Yamnuska
On the third attempt, the summit is finally reached!

got a big group out this week to finally complete the full Yamnuska circuit - Up the trail on the east side, and down the scree at the west. (See last year's trip for more detailed route information).
Points go to Laurier for the fastest scree-running anywhere and to Carl for doing the whole scramble in hiking sandals.

If you thought you'd ever had a good scree run on any mountain, and haven't done Yamnuska, you have no idea what you're talking about.
The entire way down the mountain consists of three major scree runs, one after each other.
The biggest and longest comes straight down the face (visible from highway 1) and is the deepest, slidy-est scree I've seen on any mountain anywhere.
(hint - try to stay upright, somersaults are not the best way down).
While the view fron the top is nothing special - miles of prairie to the east - this mountain is worth doing for its own sake.
Anyone up for returning sometime to climb the face? :)

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I've been up this twice before and turned back, so it was nice to finally reach the summit.
We went east-west, as all intelligent parties should, and had a great day for it.
The East side has an excellent, maintained trail to the shoulder, and many decent unoffical rock paths from there to the summit.
The West side is open scree, light at the top, and thick at the bottom, and makes for an excellent descent.

The chained ledge - only airy part.

Rachel, David, Laurier, Sarah, Carl, Marina, Jen, and Coralee on the summit.

starting down the scree from the top. It only gets better as you go down.
that's Carl right in front, and yes, he's wearing sandals.

Photos taken by Rachel.

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