Old Baldy Ridge
a decent late-season viewpoint in Kananaskis

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This was a nice late-season hike to a viewpoint on the east side of the Kananaskis Valley.
We tried the alternate descent as mentioned in Daffern's Kananaskis guide. I don't recommend this.
It's possible that there is some trail somewhere downt the front, but we never found it.
We survived the steep bushwhacking okay, but got horribly lost down below - there is not one single horse trail as shown on the map.
Instead, it's a whole maze of trails with no discernable difference, and we shortly stopped trying to navigate them.
Calvin was looking for an excuse to try out his new GPS, so we trusted its location for our car, and bushwhacked straight there.
It worked, but I wouldn't repeat this adventure. For some reason, I also failed to take many photos.

Waterfall in a side valley.

Small tarn in upper cirque.

Photos taken by Rachel.

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