Sparrowhawk Tarns
This is a great area for rambling, with a major cirque-type basin at the end.
Also pretty thrilling if you're into neat rock, as it had various fossils as well as just plain cool formations.

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We did this trail a little late in the year, and found bowls of water closer to puddles than tarns.
It's really beautiful rambling land that I'd like to revisit though, and the larch trees were starting to turn.
If you do this trail, watch carefully when you leave the trees for the talus - you'll need to find the way back in, and it's not obvious.

Joseph, Brendan, Emily, and Paul above the big rockband
Larch in foreground, and Spray Lakes Resevoir in the distance

Brendan and Joseph coming down a cool slab of rock
Those yellow chunks are sulphurous

The largest tarn in a basin below Mount Bogart
Fall is apparently not the best time to view the tarns...

Emily and Paul coming down the hillside just below treeline
Excellent colour in the larches

Me up in the cirque

view down the valley

Photos taken by Rachel.

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