Skyline Trail
A three-nighter in Jasper with (apparently) great views

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We took three nights to complete the trail, camping at Signal, Curator, and Snowbowl - backwards from the typical direction.

We met up at 1800 to share out supplies before heading off to Jasper. By the time we were organised and ready, it was midnight.
The Signal fire road took us 2hrs to ascend the 8km and 800m, and we made it to a snowy Signal campground in time for bed at 0230.
With most of us setting our tents under trees and in any snowless hollow available, we had a short sleep before the big day.

Saturday morning, we got up, ate, and started hiking around noon for the big push to Curator.
We had a short up and down before lunch at Tekarra, where we waited out complete whiteout conditions for a bit.
When the snow eased a little, we began the climb and long ridgewalk over Amber Mountain.
I've heard this is the highlight of the trip, with views out to Mount Robson and tons of beautiful peaks. I just saw white.
The weather, combined with the foot of snow on the ground over loose talus made the entire day a miserable plod.
We at least reached the notch (which looked about as impressively white as the rest of the day), and carefully started down deep snow.
Making it to camp around eight or so, I skipped dinner and collapsed into oblivion and a warm sleeping bag.

Group photo before starting out on Saturday.

River running through Tekarra campgound.

Lunch at the nice campground.

Starting up Amber Mountain as the clouds descend.

Ascending as the clouds close in.

Marginal conditions at The Notch

Sunday dawned without the snow, and nicer temperatures down in the valley.
Combined with the short trip to snowbowl campground, and grassy terrain, the trip took a great turn back to the decent.

Nice terrain just past Curator Campground.

Hiking near Snowbowl Campground.

Our last day was another snort one, over Little Shovel Pass and out to Maligne Lake.
We noted that Little Shovel Campground is much nicer than the right-on-the-path snowbowl, and enjoyed the generally downhill walk.
These last two days did a good deal, but had trouble fully making up for the epic on Saturday in the dark and snow.

Me hiking up the last hill.

Little Shovel Pass.

Photos taken by Rachel and unknown others.

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