Healy Pass
A return trip to a beautiful place on a less beautiful day.

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Steve and I headed out to Healy Pass to repeat a beautiful day from the years before.
Unfortunately, we found that the flowers are well gone by the end of August - right at the beginning is ideal.
Our day was a little chilly as well; particularly once we crossed the pass and wandered up the Ramparts on the BC side.
It was a good hike despite.

Rachel and Steve at the top of the pass.

Steve visits a chilly BC.

Rachel checking out the stream.

The eventful part of this hike started as we unpacked.
As I dislike shoes when driving, I normally throw my hiking boots in the back, and drive in flipflops.
This time, I drove out in flipflops, only to discover that I had forgotten the 'throw my boots in the back' part of that plan.
After a drive of more than 1.5hours, I was now faced with the decision of hike in $2 plastic flipflops, or no hike. There was no question.
The cheapies did alright for the first bit of it, and actually made mud puddles kinda fun. :)
It wasn't until near the top that Steve had the brilliance to point out my bloodied toes, and I finally noticed they didn't feel too great.
While I will be taking a lot more care in the future to not forget vital equipment, I'd make the same decision any day.

I finally notice my poor toes.

A poor shot of the next day's pain.

Photos taken by Rachel.

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