Daycamps Camping Trip
two nights out with the YMCA daycamps crew

This was an interesting trip, characterized by poor planning, lack of organization, and inconsiderate behaviour.
Despite all this, we somehow managed to have a good time.
The plan was to camp for two nights at Lower Lake in Kananaskis.
For legitimate reasons, the group was kicked out on the Saturday morning, and most of the problematic people went home.
A few of us were left banned from provincial campgrounds for the weekend, and still hoping to stay out. The solution - Banff!
We had the incredible luck of being in the middle of the Parks employee strike, giving us free access to both the park and campground.
We spent Saturday night at Two Jack Lakeside campground - which is beautiful, and went for a couple swims in Lake Minnewanka.

Lorena checks out Oscar's style.

Rachel, Steve, and Oscar take the plunge.

Carolina, Matt, and Jared follow in.

Swimming around the rock.

Getting used to the chilly water.

Lorena, Matt, and Rachel hang out.

Group photo out in the rocks.

Hanging around camp.

Photos taken by Rachel and others.

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