Fortress Ridge
a neat meandering ridge at the back of the skihill

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Due to very tight fog cover, and my map uncertainty, we took the wrong path right from the start.
We hiked up the first ridgeline to the top (of the skihill) before the clouds parted a little to give us a view of the area.
Given the poor conditions, we decided that the closer ridge we'd hiked was good enough, and we did not bother continuing back.
We descended the Portcullis run on the front side, which was neat to check out.
Unfortunately, due to problems with the bridge near the beginning of the road, this is no longer accessible by car without a long roadwalk.

Alethea, Melinda, Rachel, and Sarah at the parking lot.

Little unnamed peak above the backside chairlift.

Sarah, Melinda, and Alethea on the backside chair.

Altitude high and the valley behind.

Sarah on the descent down a ski run.

Photos taken by Rachel.

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