Aylmer Lookout
a removed lookout site above Lake Minnewanka

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It's an 8km hike along the Lake Minnewanka Shoreline Trail to the Aylmer Pass turnoff.
From this, you can head straight out to Aylmer Pass, and cross into the Ghost River wilderness, or turn off to the lookout.
Either trail can also be used to summit Mount Aylmer.
Though it's a longer trail, the lack of elevation of difficulty for the first 8km means it goes pretty quickly, and the lookout has a great view.

Melinda, Rachel, and Alethea on the bridge over Stewart Canyon.

A solitary canoist on the lake.

Mounts Girouard and Inglismaldie across the lake.

The ridges towards Aylmer Pass.

Outliers of Mount Costican to the left and Inglismaldie to the right.

Towers in front of Mount Inglismaldie.

A small island at the end of the paved road on Lake Minnewanka.

Rachel on the little island (unnamed mountain in far distance).

Photos taken by Rachel.

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