Black Rock Mountain
I did this hike with pneuma last fall, and it was just as awesome in summer

This Mountain is found just East of the Ghost Wilderness area, and is the last high point in the Rockies.
Standing on top, you are the highest point eastward until the maritimes.
The mountain once housed a fire lookout, and the building remains as a monumental summit register.

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The trail is a hike until the top of the loop, where it turns scramble to navigate the first cliff band.
After a couple upsteps you emerge onto a massive plateau like you'd never imagine.
Then it's a trek up the scree, and after one narrow bridge between crevasses you find yourself on top.

Black Rock Mountain, as seen from the turnoff to the trailhead

Rachel and Melinda on the trail just below treeline

Alethea and Melinda at the same point - looking SE

Looking over ridges to Devil's Head in the west from the end of the looped trail

The first cliff band to be navigated

Myself, Melinda, and Alethea just above the big cliffband,
looking south to Phantom Crag (L) and Mount Costigan (R)

The South edge of Phantom crag and an unnamed mountain beyond

The route to summit viewed from SW end of the large plateau

Starting up the scree in the final push to the top

Me on the edge of the scree looking NW at Johnston and Waiparous creeks

Alethea and Melinda in the former fire lookout - Devil's Thumb through the window

Melinda and I inside the shack - note the signed boards

Alethea and I on the east edge of the summit

Nothing in this direction but wheat

One of the cracks in the cliff you skip by

Peering over the edge of the crevasse

Alethea and Melinda carefully picking their way down the scree slope

Me frolicking across the plateau, attempting not to crash after bounding down the scree like a deranged mountain goat

Photos taken by Alethea and Rachel.

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