Mount Yamnuska (attempt)
A return trip to go further up the ridge.

With such an awesomely recognisable profile, and proximity to Calgary, Yamnuska is a rightly popular mountain.

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We had a good hike up to Raven's End, and continued up the ridge.
Unfortunately, we ended up turning around at the chains when the exposure grew too much, but it was nice to there.

Karla, looking down the Bow valley

Karla and Me - looking at the ridge from the East shoulder of the mountain

Me standing on the first false summit bump

The sheer front face of Yamnuska - very popular with rock climbers
People visible along the trail to summit

Looking at the false summit and East down the valley from an upper ridge

The crux of Mount Yamnuska - a short ledge that must be traversed
with assistance from a mounted cable visible at upper left
Karla and I stopped at this point

The trail winding along the backside of the mountain to the top
with regular opportunities to creep up for a look over the edge

The view to summit from just across the cabled ledge

Photos taken by Rachel.

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