Jumpingpound Mountain Hike
These are from a rather rainy attempt at Jumpingpound Mountain.

It was a kinda crazy hike, because although there was rain, it never fell - we just hiked through the cloud.
Unfortunately this meant we never managed to see more than 50m in any direction, which made some interesting views.

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We hiked in from the north trailhead, and hoped to reach the summit.
While we didn't quite make it there, I also don't know to where we did make it, as we rarely had more than 20m of visibility.

A map posted on the trail.
Apparently this trail system is part of the Trans-Canada Trail, so there were maps at major junctions.
The red line is our route along the ridge to Jumpingpound summit.

Erin and Chris at a lookout point. Unusually nice green at least.

Me on the summit rocks - oooh, pointy!
No, I lie - I'm just trying to figure out where we are in all the mist.

The trail ahead above treeline - Couldn't see far in any direction

All the flowers in this meadow had tiny droplets of water clinging to their petals.

Big cool rocks leering out of the mist.

The rocks are just strewn all over the hillside.

Another neat rocky jumble in the mist

Look! Snow!

Photos taken by Chris.

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